× E1 - Fatalities caused by storms, USA, 2017 E2 - Average life expectancy and spendings on health, Europe, 2018 E3 - Adolescent birth rates and use of internet, World, 2015 E4 - Obesity and consumption of alcohol, World, 2010 E5 - Storks deliver babies, Europe, 2000 W6 - Litracy rate and government's expenditure on educatino, World, 2010 E7 -Per capita income and population, USA, 2015 E8 - Deaths due to cancer and consumption of alcohol, World, 2005
interactive Map Reports

iMR is a demonstrator of an approach that leverages natural language text to summarize bivariate map visualizations. It uses text templates that can adapt to various datasets. The generated text and visualizations are combined into an interactive document.

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Shahid Latif and Fabian Beck
{shahid.latif, fabian.beck} (at) paluno.uni-due.de
University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany